If you never hear that something's impossible...

So maybe it's a little early to go off topic, but I thought this was an awesome story.  My take away is that Dantzig didn't hear that the problems were unsolved and was thus not dissuaded from working on them.  As a result, he solved them.  So don't let people tell you what is possible and not; you may just surprise them.


Scripting your database for fun and profit

Inspired by a post by Andy Leonard here, I remembered that I'd been meaning to post a Powershell script that I wrote a while back.  What better time than now for an inaugural post!

No warranty, express or implied

So... I'm planning on using this space as a place to talk about things that I find interesting about MS SQL.  From time to time, that will involve code/scripts.  Right out of the gate, I want to lay the following ground rules: