No warranty, express or implied

So... I'm planning on using this space as a place to talk about things that I find interesting about MS SQL.  From time to time, that will involve code/scripts.  Right out of the gate, I want to lay the following ground rules:

  • Before running any code, you should fully comprehend what it does.
  • Failing the above, run any code on a system that neither you nor anyone who pays you cares if it starts on fire the instant you run said code.
  • Even with the above caveats, you absolve me of anything that happens to your system(s) as a result of running provided code.
  • Don't plagiarize.  I want you to use the code that I provide (or at least learn from it), but I also want credit for it.
  • To crib a line from a sign on my local pizza joint, if you like what you see here, tell others.  If you don't, tell the management.
Hopefully this will be the least light-hearted post I put on here.  Enjoy!